About downloads and printouts

All products in this shop are download products. Therefore, it is more affordable than other music books. You can download it from your computer if you have a device that connects to the Internet, such as a smartphone or iPad. The file that summarizes all songs is a compressed file to reduce communication charges. You can also download your favorite songs individually.
If you would like to print the downloaded score with a printer, please refer to the following.

■Download on your computer

If you are using a personal computer, please connect to the printer and print out. (You can print as many times as you like)

■Download on mobile

How to transfer files from your mobile phone to your home computer and print them.
A) Send a file attached to the email address of your computer by email on your mobile phone.
B) Connect the mobile phone and computer with a USB cable to transfer the score file.
How to print with your printer directly from your mobile phone
If you have a printer at home and do not have a computer (or want to print directly from your mobile phone without using a computer), please download the mobile phone app (free) for each printer. There are many models that can transfer and print files directly from your mobile phone to the printer. Please check the manual of your printer for how to do it.

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